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Shipping your Bassoon

These instructions are intended to ensure the safety of your bassoon during the shipping process. Thank you for taking time to review these guidelines.

Please send your bassoon using UPS, and always require a signature for delivery of your package. Do not use Styrofoam peanuts in any part of your packing.

Please insure your instrument while it is being repaired and during shipping. It is cheaper to buy comprehensive insurance for a year than to insure just the shipping of a bassoon. Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop will insure your bassoon while it is being shipped back to you.

Please include within your box a letter with your return shipping information and a list of all requested repairs.



Step 1
Remove all the accessories, including all reeds, straps, and bocals, from the case. Keep the four joints in the case. The bocal either may be packed separately, outside the case, or may be secured inside the case in such a way that it cannot come loose or be damaged during shipping. Keep the package as light as possible in order to reduce the risk of damage and to lower shipping costs.

Step 2
Wrap each bassoon segment with packing material and place each segment back into the case. Do not use bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts inside the case.

Step 3
Close the hard case and remove it from the soft outer case. Tape over the latches of the hard case to prevent them from accidentally opening.


Step 4
For all long bore and short bore instruments, the appropriate size shipping box is 31” x 14” x 9”. For Fox® contrabassoons, the appropriate size shipping box is 54” x 9” x 15”. Do not put Styrofoam peanuts inside the box.

If you do not have a shipping box, it is best to roll cardboard around the padded bassoon case, cutting and taping as you go. Keep your package small, tight and light. Larger boxes full of packing materials are more expensive to ship and bassoon case movement within the box causes damage.

Step 5
Place the bassoon, in the hard case, into the box. It should be snug against the packing material. It is most important to protect the ends of the case; use at least three inches of shock-absorbent packing material around the ends of the case. Pack so that the case does not move within the box. Do not use Styrofoam peanuts.

Step 6
UPS recommends the addition of three inches of bubble wrap around the outside of the case, but do not tape the bubble wrap. This should fill the box. Do not use Styrofoam peanuts.


Step 7
Close the box. Tape all the seams of the box with packing tape.

Step 8
The box is now ready to be shipped safely.
Remember to require a signature for delivery.


The preferred shipping carrier for the Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop is UPS. Please arrange for shipping using either their web site or one of the UPS stores.


In addition, remember to insure for your deductible and always require a signature for delivery


My shipping address is:

Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop 
1227 43rd Street,
Port Townsend WA 98368

Phone: 206-523-4396

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